Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the S.P CAR MARKET Platform

Carmarket.com.kh is an interactive ecommerce platform that allows it users the convenience of searching and buying as well selling their new or used vehicles.

By accessing or using the Carmarket.com.kh or Carmarketkh.com as well as both android and ios apps, you agree to be bound by following terms and conditions of use (and any relevant term and condition that may be presented explicitly on those platform that are not stated here). By agreeing to our term and condition, you are also agreeing that S.P Car Market Co., Ltd reserves the right to change and update this term and condition from time to time.


1. About the Carmarket.com.kh platform

(a) Carmarket.com.kh is a platform that allows its users to publish their vehicle sale information, products, services, vehicles data, locations of sales, contact information, and third parties (material). S.P Car Market Co., Ltd does not hold any responsibilities or should not be held liable under any Cambodia law for the accuracy of the content, the content, and behavioral aspect in result to the content posted by its users. S.P Car Market Co., Ltd endeavor to help ensure the accuracy of the content by informing the importance of accuracy to its users as well as having its employees perform fact checking.

(b) S.P Car Market Co., Ltd does not provide any guarantee or assurance of the quality of any good and services published on our platform. Any claims made against the products or services posted on carmarket.com.kh platform are to be made against the publisher of the content. While we do not provide warranty of the quality of the products and services published on our platforms, we have the moral obligation to investigate and take necessary action against the publishers of the contents to ensure that the publishers is barred from doing so again.


2. Personal and Non Commercial Use Only

(a) Use of the Carmarket.com.kh platform is for your personal and non-commercial use only. Except for the Material held in your computers cache or a single permanent copy of the Material for your personal use you must not without the prior written approval from S.P CAR Market Co., Ltd:

  1. modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish or license any Material;
  2. use or attempt to use any Material published on the carmarket.com.kh to create any web site or publication or searchable database;
  3. mirror or frame any web site or page within the carmarket.com.kh platform;
  4. use any automated process of any sort to query, access, retrieve, scrape, data-mine or copy any Material on the Carmarket.com.kh or generate or compile any document, index or database based on the Material published on the carmarket.com.kh platform;
  5. transfer or sell any information, functionality or products or services offered on the carmarket.com.kh; or
  6. undertake any other action which is in violation of these terms and conditions (or other terms and conditions and policies referred to in these terms and conditions) or any applicable law.

(b) If S.P Car Market Co., Ltd finds you or any related party including those that are acting on behalf of you with your consent to have or may have violated any stated terms and conditions of usages as stated above, We will immediately temporarily disable your account and usage under further findings comes to light. Your right of usage may be permanently disable if we find that you have intentionally violated our term and condition. Furthermore, it is within the best interest of S.P Car Market Co., ltd to pursue legal action should anyone discreetly use the content on carmarket.com.kh platform for their own personal gain without our consent.


3. You are Responsible for the use of the Carmarket.com.kh

(a) While we have the moral obligation to ensure that accuracy of the content posted on our platform as well as deteriorate any intentional inaccuracy published of information as well as errors, it is within your responsibilities to ensure that your contents is of the highest accuracy. Furthermore, the user of Carmarket.com.kh platform are also responsible for assessing the quality of the information provided prior entering into any sale or purchases of products or services.

(b) The services and Material made available on the Carmarket.com.kh are provided as general information only. The services and Material are not professional, expert or other advice and are not a substitute for such advice; may not be appropriate, correct or sufficient for your circumstances; should not be relied on as the only reason you do or don't do anything; and may not be continually accessible or free from errors or viruses.

(c) You agree to indemnify S.P Car Market Co., Ltd against any liability, loss, claim or demand if S.P Car Market Co., Ltd (or any of its officers, representatives, employees or agents) suffers any loss or damage or incurs any cost in connection with a breach by you (or any of its officers, representatives, employees or agents) of these terms and conditions.

(d) You must always maintain your personal log-in information and refrain from sharing this detail to another person.  You represent and warrant to S.P Car Market Co., Ltd that you accept all liability for any unauthorised use of any username and password issued to you.


4. Services provided by Carmarket.com.kh

If S.P Car Market Co., Ltd offers goods or services to you, the services may be subjected  to additional terms and conditions. To the extent of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the additional terms and conditions, the additional terms will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.


5. Goods and Services Provided By Third Parties

(a) If goods and services are offered on or through the Carmarket.com.kh by third parties (sellers/dealers):

  1. vehicle prices exclude government and statutory charges (unless otherwise stated);
  2. You are responsible for making all relevant searches, enquiries and investigations in relation to any listed vehicle including, any written off vehicle register or register of security interests (including the Personal Property Securities Register or otherwise);
  3. S.P Car Market Co., Ltd does not act as any persons agent or broker; arrange any contract between you and any person or; provide any warranty in relation to any persons goods or services;
  4. S.P Car Market Co., Ltd will not be responsible for the terms of any transaction between you and any person; any goods or services purchased by you from any person or; resolving any dispute between you and any person.